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Testimonials from Semiconductor Industry Leaders

Ray Bingham

Ray Bingham
Canyon Bridge

I promoted Jan to senior vice president of industry marketing at Cadence because of her passion and track record for building a company’s brand and strategy in collaboration with industry leaders.

She transformed and expanded the Cadence relationship with industry thought leaders such as Applied Materials, ARM and TSMC. Her ability to understand the semiconductor ecosystem and identify opportunities for companies to successfully collaborate is a unique and much needed skill in today’s global environment.

Ray Bingham, Co-Founder, Canyon Bridge

Paul Boudre

Paul Boudre

Jan injected her experience and passion for industry collaboration into the successful launch of the SOI Industry Consortium in 2007.

She combined creativity with excellent operational detail to support the consortium launch of 19 founding members with minimal resources and time. Her recommendation to establish an industry first SOI user survey was implemented and a powerful market education tool for the consortium was created.

Paul Boudre, CEO, Soitec

Warren East

Warren East
Former CEO

Over a period of several years, Jan consistently championed a relationship model between Arm and Cadence which resulted in a balanced investment on both sides, a new level of mutual technical respect and a platform for future collaboration that hadn’t existed before.” 

At first, Cadence was just a vendor, then they were a vendor we referred to our customers, but through Jan’s leadership we developed a rich, deep partnership that ultimately brought additional value to our mutual customers.

Warren East, former CEO, Arm

Aki Fuijimara

Aki Fujimura
Chairman & CEO

Jan is, without reservation, the best in the world at what she does. Both the X Initiative and the ebeam Initiative work have been a tremendous learning opportunity for me to see “how it’s done.”

Having been in VP Marketing roles at both startups and at a larger company, she understands thoroughly the needs and constraints of both situations. She is incredibly organized, focused, efficient, and effective on a personal level which allows her to be amazing in what she can deliver. A marketing or a business development staff of three cannot get what she gets done herself.

Aki Fujimura, CEO, D2S, Inc

Penny Herscher

Penny Herscher
Board Chair
former Tech CEO

At Simplex Solutions where I was CEO, Jan’s execution on the X Initiative ecosystem strategy helped increase the valuation of the company and her brand strategy for COSMIC contributed to a successful OEM with Cadence Design Systems.

Later at Cadence, Jan continued to develop and execute unique alliance strategies that helped Cadence establish a reputation for low power leadership. I recommend Jan to any company looking to enhance their valuation or build product differentiation as she will add value to any client.

Penny Herscher, Board Chair, former Tech CEO

Steve Shulz

Steve Schulz
former CEO

For nearly five years, Jan was an integral member of Si2’s Board of Directors. This esteemed group of industry executives, elected annually from Si2’s membership of over 100 corporations, provides broad strategic guidance to the organization.

Jan repeatedly demonstrated highly creative strategic thinking, keen insight, top communication skills, and above all an eye for how to effectively market Si2’s services to greatest advantage. Jan intrinsically understood the power of strong partnerships and solid relationships to expand business and meet strategic needs of customers.

Steve Schulz, former CEO, Si2

Steve Teig

Steve Teig

Jan has developed a number of unique marketing strategies like the eBeam Initiative and X Initiative for small companies that leverage the brand and endorsement of much larger industry leaders.

Her work at Simplex established deep relationships with foundries that were attractive to Cadence during and after the acquisition. She has been successful at working with both small and large companies to increase the value of their brands.

Steve Teig, CEO, Perceive