B2B Marketing & Business Development


B2B Marketing & Business Development

Whole Product Strategy

What ecosystem or third party supply chain support do you need for your revolutionary but unproven technology? How do you convince the members of that ecosystem to invest now ahead of mainstream adoption? Calibra works with you to identify the ecosystem dependencies and strategies for successfully accelerating the adoption of your products.


How do you establish your technology if it’s a new product category that the market doesn’t understand? If you are entering an existing market, how do you establish clear differentiation? Calibra helps identify unique ways to brand your company and your technology to establish new markets and successfully differentiate in existing ones.

Industry  Alliances

Have you wondered how to break through that invisible barrier to becoming a valued partner, not just a vendor, to industry leading companies? Have you been disappointed by a lack of commitment from your partners? Calibra helps you identify a vision match with your partner at the executive level and implements an operational model to deliver joint results for both of you. 

Customer Advisory Councils

Is it challenging to get your customers to provide success stories?  How many referrals do you get from existing customers? Are you looking for new product development feedback?  What’s working and not working with your competitor’s tactics and strategies?  Customer advisory councils are worth their weight in gold.  For a small investment, you can have an immediate positive impact on your sales.   Calibra can work with you from the start to avoid the pitfalls in starting a customer advisory council.   We’ll work with you to plan and facilitate the actual meetings with your team so that you get the most from every council meeting.

Strategic Options Analysis

Are you faced with a new market opportunity that you currently don’t have the expertise to assess? Are your customers or partners asking you about technology trends which you don’t have the time to investigate? Calibra can provide market research and analysis to help you make timely decisions that align with your business goals.